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  • AntiqueBible.com - Antique Family Bibles and Early English Language Bibles for sale - Antique Family Bibles and Early English Bibles

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    AntiqueBible.com wants to offer you ways to restore our Christian traditions: By Reading, Studying or Collecting Bibles owned and cherished by the generations before us!
    Are you looking for a Protestant or Roman Catholic Antique Family Bible? One of those 'old-fashioned' large sized Bibles that will become part of your family's tradition to be handed down from generation to generation? One of those 'huge' ones with a leather covers with gold leaf decorations and one or more brass or silver clasps to close the book? A Bible that is not only attractive to read and study and has multiples engraved illustrations on steel and wood, some in full color, but also contains special sheets to record (your) extensive family records?
    These Bibles are not only breathtakingly beautiful but they are also very educational and often have an extensive concordance and Bible dictionary, multiple background essays (Bible history, translation history, background on Bible customs, the Holy Land etc.) and numerous illustrations, maps and commentaries. These books are true pieces of art and quite astounding as you consider the limited available technology available at that time.

    At AntiqueBible.com we also offer an extensive and remarkably affordable inventory of early (1600s-1700s) King James Bibles as well as Geneva Bibles (1560-1615) and other pre-KJV English translations for sale. Some of these Bibles are pulpit-size, but most are so called quarto-size and were used by our ancestors as personal study Bibles. Just think about how many different generations of people owned ones of the Bibles and took them to church? These 300-400+ year old Bibles are all remarkably well preserved because of the strong cotton-based paper that was used in those days. In general they have been rebound a number of times of the centuries but the inside is still ALL original.

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    Visit our for some of our very special offerings!
     ABOUT US:
    Here at AntiqueBible.com (operated by Windmill Ministries, a Christian Apologetics Ministry) all displayed Bibles for sale can be ordered via our secure shopping cart and can be paid using any major credit card, via PayPal, or by mailing a check/money order. We also offer lay-away with a payment plan. If you prefer you can also call us at 360-631-9081 to order a Bible.
     We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases - if you do not like it for any reason, just send it back and we'll refund your money. If you have a question, or just want to give us feedback, please Contact Us.
    All US shipping is free via USPS media mail. We try to ship the same day of your order and on average it will take 1-2 weeks for your Bible to arrive. You can select priority mail during check-out for a 2-3 day delivery. We can also ship UPS 2nd day air and even overnight. All international orders are shipped USPS air mail.
    Please visit us and like/follow us on FaceBook:
    We have organized our Bibles for sale in SIX main categories:
    1. Antique Family Bibles

    These are the Bibles you might recognize from the (great) grandparents home: the complete text of the Bible (King James, Revised Version or both), numerous (colored) illustrations and maps and lots of additional sections, like background articles,  psalms, dictionary, Apocrypha books, concordance and other study aids. Because of our large inventory you will find these Bibles in the Antique King James Family Bible Store, the Roman Catholic Family Bible Store, Special Protestant Family Bibles, Special Catholic Bibles and a rather unique offering of Salesman Sampler Bibles.

    Price: $3,450.00

    Price: $95.00  

    Price: $3,650.00

    Price: $2,950.00

    2. Early English Bibles

    Antique and collectable Bibles of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century. Rare, antique and vintage English Bibles printed in England and America, including various Geneva and early King James Bibles occasionally bound together with a Book of Common Prayer, the genealogies (illustrated overview of the descent from Adam), the Apocrypha, some Tables or Concordances and a Metric Psalter - sometimes including remarkable engravings! Click to visit our original Geneva Bibles, Early King James Bibles and a number of Special Bible Editions.
    3. Prayer and Church Books
    As the Bible became more readily available the publishing of dedicated church and prayer books started to take off. These mostly smaller sized books usually contained a copy of the Common Book of Prayer (the liturgy of the Anglican Church of England) usually bound with a New Testament and a metric Psalter. Often these pocket size books were nicely illustrated and became more and more attractive in the early and mid 1800s. We offer a nice collection of Prayer/Church Books and Miniature Prayer Books.
    4. Other Christian Books
    In this section of our inventory you will find commentaries, study books, special editions (like Gustave Dore galleries of illustrations, Foxe books of Martyrs and so on). All published in the 1600-1800s. Click here to visit our Antique Christian Book Section.
    5. Biblia Sacra
    Biblia Sacra - Holy Bibles - Latin Vulgate (Roman Catholic before the Reformation Bibles) and early Latin Protestant Bibles
    6. Dutch and other language Antique Bibles
    Even though Dutch language Bibles are not as extensively printed as English Bible, being of Dutch decent, we offer quite an extensive inventory of Dutch (Nederlandse Statenbijbels) State Bibles and Dutch Church/Prayer Books. We also offer a collection of Bibles in other languages, like German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French and so on.

    Price: $195.00

    Price: $645.00

    A note on the quality of our Antique Bibles:
    We take great pride in the quality of the Bibles we offer. We cannot replace missing pages or undo water damage and so on, but we do make sure that the binding of the pages as well as the covers is in good (daily) useable condition. Therefore most Bibles go through a restoration process where the spines are cleaned of old failing adhesive and loose pages or broken signatures are restored/replaced. Old spine leather is reinforced or replaced and spine reinforcement is applied with new headbands and the cover hinge is extra re-enforced. Also the cover leather is cleaned and treated and if applicable the clasps are cleaned and restored. This is not just a patch job! This process brings the strength of the book back to its original quality!
    A selection of some of the Bibles we have for sale (click on the picture for more details on this particular Bible):

    Price: $695.00

    Price: $675.00

    Bible is SOLD

    Price: $795.00

    For more similar Bibles, visit the Antique King James Family Bible store

    Price: $1,775.00

    Price: $1,950.00

    Price: $795.00

    Price: $595.00

    A sampling from our where we offer a highlighted selection of special editions and very early or unique Bibles and other Christian works

    Price: $3,975.00

    Price: $3,850.00

    Price: $2,750.00

    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD

    Price: $1,995.00

    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD
    Bible is SOLD
    Does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? Is Jesus God? - learn more about the Evidences For Christianity at: www.EvidencesForChristianity.org (or in the Dutch [Nederlands] language at www.GefundeerdGeloof.org)
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